Sunday, April 15, 2018

There Is Nothing Like New York on a Sunny Saturday

As I walked back to my apartment on Friday evening, I thought, "This has been a wonderful weekend." Then I laughed at myself, because it was only Friday.

As I'm currently between jobs, I've been taking it easy the last few days. And they have been wonderful.

Wednesday was my last restaurant shift. On Thursday, I got coffee with the editor of Edible Manhattan / Edible Brooklyn, and then lunch with an old friend in town from New Zealand. Then I went swimming, did laundry, and worked on NC housing.

On Friday, I went to the Met. On the way there, I walked through Central Park.

Sheep's Meadow in the morning

These bird-watchers were excited about a barn owl in this clump of trees. A different cluster of bird-watchers were excited about the same owl when I passed by the next day.

Happy Caro in sunny Central Park 
The Met was spectacular, of course.

I loved this fountain (designed in the early 1900s). 

I can't get enough of Monet.

I hate when people take cell phone pictures of the art, but I am one of those people.

Then I found a secluded (!!!)  bench by the pond, where I sat and read the rest of the afternoon. So many of my favorite things: Monet paintings, reading outdoors, and reading an entire book in one sitting!

couldn't resist

This amiable old man read next to me for awhile. He was reading a biography about Einstein. When he left, he said "enjoy your perfect spot."

Sheep's Meadow in the afternoon

That evening, I went on a sunset run in Prospect Park.
 Truly a perfect day. 

The next day, I met up with my long-lost cousins, whom I hadn't seen in 10? years.

And then I ate Beyond Sushi (vegan sushi) in the park.

And then my friend Carson joined me <3 
That afternoon, I walked back to the Met and bought an overpriced watercolor print from an artist selling outside the museum. I'd slept on it and decided I probably wouldn't find a souvenir I liked more, in the week I had left in the city. Plus I bargained him down to 65% of his original price. He made me promise not to tell anyone. I hope this doesn't count as telling people.

I went to bed super early that night and slept many hours. I guess reading and lounging and catching up with friends and long-lost cousins can be tiring!!!

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