Thursday, November 1, 2018

Oct. 2018 Hiking and Running

In October, I did a medium amount of running and an above-average amount of hiking. Actually, the hiking reduced my running due to a minor foot injury but #worthit.

My "fall" hiker look
Pre-hike carb load in Boone :D 
Roan Highlands

Roan Highlands

fall colors!

Overmountain Shelter

I camped next to it. A thick fog rolled in as I was preparing dinner.

Roan Highlands

Blue Ridge Mountains
Recovery meal in Blowing Rock!

Another hike, another great breakfast:

This is called the Extreme Appalachian Breakfast
 I haven't yet gone through my photos from my more recent hike, but I'll post them here (eventually...maybe....)
In the meanwhile, check out the food I ate in Asheville:
Maitake mushrooms, raw radish, chocolate hazelnut glaze—AMAZING (from Plant in Asheville)

a vegan chile relleno—very good and very filling (from Plant in Asheville)

Vegetarian thali at Chai Pani in Asheville
 And in regards to running:
Can you tell where my foot started hurting during this run...?

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