Monday, January 14, 2019

NZ - Part III (Christchurch, Routeburn, Milford, Doubtful, Queenstown)

When an earthquake hit Christchurch in 2011, most of the historic buildings in the center of town were destroyed. This church is in a political limbo, as some people argue it should be torn down and others argue it should be repaired.
The city has construction walls everywhere, all of which are painted in hopeful murals.
This sculpture is called "Spires" and represents all the church spires that fell in the earthquake.
185 empty chairs to represent the 185 people who died when the building across the street from this lot collapsed during the earthquake
Christchurch still has many empty lots throughout the city. Some public-private partnerships have transformed them into temporary community gathering spaces, like this basketball court with rock climbing walls and graffiti spaces in the background.
I flew from Christchurch to Queenstown, where I immediately hopped a bus to Routeburn Track. This photo is from a stop during the bus ride. 
the Route Burn! 

My peaceful stream-side campsite the first night on Routeburn (thanks Alban for sponsoring!!!)
Most of my hike the first day was cold and misty.

and then I came over a ridge and saw this!!!

My favorite view from the whole trip


the incredibly gorgeous McKenzie Lake

At the end of Routeburn, a shuttle bus picked me up and drove me straight to Milford Sound—which is actually a fjord.
This waterfall is 50 stories high! 

The next day, I paddled Doubtful Sound (which required taking a bus to a boat to another bus to get to)

Doubtful Sound! 

Then I returned to Queenstown. This was my last dinner in New Zealand: a veggie burger with a lager on a boat bar in the harbor.

Bye, New Zealand </3

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