Sunday, May 12, 2019

~Between Jobs~

I feel rich with time.

I have two weeks left in my current job, and then I have three weeks until I start my next job. ENCIP needs only a few finishing touches to be ready for the summer, and then the program will rest primarily in the capable hands of my board members.

I relish this feeling. I can lie on the floor and do nothing for awhile while I cool down from my run. I can crawl into bed at 9:30 p.m. and while away a blissful mindless hour on my phone. I can deep-clean my apartment, deep-clean my car, get not only caught up but ahead on email.

When my current job ends in two weeks, I'll spend a week hiking in the Pacific Northwest. Then, I'll spend a few days relaxing in Chapel Hill with my friend Bren, who is visiting from New York. Then, I'm going to hike the Art Loeb Trail (~30 miles) before the wedding of my old babysitter, Eleanor, in Tarboro.

The following week, I hope to spend time with my sister Janie, who'll be in town before leaving for a year in Kenya. We will enjoy Tarboro, visit our grandparents, and probably spend a day or two at the beach and/or lake.

hand-delivered my signed offer letter to the Carolina Center for Public Service—my new employer!

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