Monday, September 2, 2019

Friends Reunion 2019

The weekend before Hanifah's wedding, my FAVORITE PERSON ALBAN came to visit me!!!!!!

yayyyyyyyyy :D 
(here's a closeup of that peach dish in case you were curious)
She arrived on a Thursday, so while I was at work on Friday she hung out in my house and kept Rafi company.

When I got home from work, they were both napping adorably in my bed together. 
Rafi keeps guard 

On Friday after I finished work, we drove to Lake Gaston!
Isn't she lovely :D 

I did an extremely humid 11-mile run and had to stop three times and when I got back I had to lie on the floor for awhile.

very much enjoyed this pizza we made for dinner

It was cloudy and rainy on Saturday afternoon/evening, but we were still able to go out on a nighttime boat ride.

Yay lake party! including some new friends! 

And now for some bonus pics of my beautiful daily work breakfast:
pre nuts and honey 
so delicious :) one of the best parts of summer! 

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