Monday, May 21, 2018

Anna Jane Leland, B.S.!

Janie graduated, woo!

It was a fantastic five days in Austin. Some highlights:

traveling with Mimi!

obligatory succulent pic

Day 1: Satisfied

Scene from my run on Day 2 
running on the boardwalk
It was my first time to Austin in springtime, and I was obsessed with the flowers. 

our graduate princess

the whole crew


they don't teach parallel parking at UT's School of Education apparently
Getting ready for THE BATS
We love our Papa

I like reading 

My favorite person

UT graduation was all out

at Alban's favorite bakery
I loved getting tons of QT with Alban, eating lots and lots of really great food (somehow I failed on the food-photo front this trip), and hanging out with the fam. On one of the nights, Janie invited a bunch of her friends to our VRBO for a graduation party, and it was really fun meeting people whose names we'd been hearing for years. Several of them asked about my new job, which I was impressed by.

My other favorite parts were watching THE BATS in the complete dark, dying laughing at Janie's parallel parking failure, seeing the adorable studio where Janie works, and tubing on the river. Can't wait til next time!

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