Monday, May 14, 2018

Saying Goodbye to New York

Before I left New York, I checked a few restaurants off my NYC bucket list, and I met up with several friends to say goodbye. Actually, I mostly did both of those things simultaneously.

patatas bravas from El Quinto Pino, the sister restaurant to Txikito

fancy Spanish take on a deviled egg

goodbye brunch w/ the only Tinder match I ever stayed friends with

Housing Works Bookstore

I bought myself this wonderfully tacky hat as a souvenir.

Started my time in NYC with Jeff at a party at Ben's, ended my time in NYC with Jeff at a party at Ben's.

Robertsons plus one significant other, and one rando!

goodbye lunch with Zaki

I don't have other photos of this, but just before I left I had the opportunity to moderate a panel about sustainability!

Goodbye dinner with Ajeet and Kate - at La Vara!

pulpo (octopus)

Leaving New York was bittersweet. I was excited for the change (for the new job, being closer to family, living somewhere different) but sad that my time in the City was cut short. I was there for only four months, after all. But it was long enough to make me a lot less angsty about never having lived there before (aside from the 10 weeks I spent there for my final college summer). If you include that summer, I've lived in New York for a total of six months, which is really more time than I ever spent in Austin. I think it counts. I still hope I'll return someday, but for now I'm checking this one off my ever-growing "cities to live in" list.

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