Sunday, May 13, 2018

Life Update: new state, new apartment, new job!

So I live in North Carolina now. Carrboro, to be specific. I am happy here. It feels like home.

I'd post photos of my apartment, but it's currently a disaster since I don't have enough hangers for the professional clothes my dear friend Kemper donated to the cause. And because I don't have any side tables or shelves. So anything that's not in a kitchen cabinet, in my closet, or under my bed is simply on the floor.

About two weeks ago I started a new job at the Morehead-Cain Foundation on UNC's campus. My title is content specialist, which means I am working directly under the director of communications to put out top-quality, engaging, and informative content for all our audiences (e.g. email campaigns for alumni, mailers for prospective students, social media for current scholars, etc).

I'm excited about the job because it has lots of room for creativity. Everyone on staff seems highly competent and is super nice, and they all seem to enjoy their work and each other. It's a very positive atmosphere.

Below are some photos from my time in NC over the last two weeks. The main reason why it's taken me so long to update my blog is because I spent five days in Acadia, flew back to NYC on a Friday evening, picked up a rental car that night, packed up the car early Saturday morning, and drove straight to Tarboro that day. I wanted to be back in time for the biannual Blount-Bridgers Gala, a black-tie arts fundraiser for Tarboro's historical society. I moved into my (unfurnished one-bedroom) apartment on the following Sunday afternoon, and started my job Tuesday morning. Needless to say, a day and a half was not sufficient to furnish my apartment, so I was sleeping on the floor for a couple of days before I even found an air mattress, and every morning before work I was frantically digging through cardboard boxes for something to wear.

Now I have a bed, a couch, a dresser, and a couple of chairs. Life feels a lot more under control, though I still haven't quite found a routine yet.

Sarah, MM, and me at the gala

with my twinsies

Farmer Bill packing me some of his home-grown spinach

My office!

my lovely office window!

home for Dylan's 19th 

dinner with my favorites <3

how would I ever be able to choose a paint color for my kitchen table without her

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