Sunday, August 11, 2019

Conference Week in Boston

Before I even left Morehead-Cain, my boss at CCPS signed me up for a weeklong conference in Boston that took place the week bridging July and August. At first, I was very excited, but when the time came, I actually regretting having to leave behind my work for an entire week. An optimist would read that and think, how great that she loves her work so much! And I'd have to agree. 

Packing: lil Riff-Raf wanted to come

First thing I did upon arriving in Boston was meet up with my friend Grace, whom I'd originally met in Nashville, and her bf Beckett. We ate lunch at a local food hall/market place, where I found a macaron shop that sold Harry Potter-themed macarons. After all, Harry's birthday was that very week. This red velvet macaron was Hedwig-flavored.
On Sunday, we visited Singing Beach at Manchester-by-the-Sea!
On Monday morning, before my conference began, I got to watch a taping of On Point, the show Grace helps produce for WBUR!

Meghna Chakrabarti in the flesh!

The first night of the conference, we had dinner on the top floor of a Boston University building that overlooked the city's beautiful river and downtown skyline. 
During the conference, I ate every lunch with a book at a shaded outside table.


On Wednesday night, I found dinner at a semi-legendary noodle shop

The highlight of the conference was the dinner cruise Thursday night.

On a boat!

Sunset over Boston Harbor! 
I felt a little bit trapped. 

everyone needs their own sunset photo

literally everyone
a stranger took this ~artsy~ pic of me and airdropped it to me lol

~city lights~
Old people dancing:

I went running every morning of the conference, and loved each one!

This was on a trail called Emerald Necklace that joined a chain of small lakes. Not quite Central Park, but still so pretty!

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