Thursday, August 1, 2019

First week of June: Friends + Food

June was a good month. Here are a few reasons:

Bren visited from NYC! The first thing we did together was eat at Med Deli.

Vegan Dame's waffles with Niki, who is going to be famous in the fashion world for her clothing company Sani

YoPo with Bren <3 

New friend Cassie, with her friend Satan (the chicken's actual name)

Satan is feisty 

Chickens are weird. This is Frida cowering underneath Satan.

Bren napping with Rafi <3 
Triangle Restaurant Week with Brian!

Got lots of QT with Rafi, as I was between jobs the entire first two weeks of June.

Morgan Street Food Hall with Nicole, one of my oldest friends! She was in town (also between jobs) from California.

We saw Lake Street Dive at Red Hat with Laini and Nico!

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