Friday, July 13, 2018

End of May, Start of June

This is a tacky way to catch up on my blog, but here goes:

Tru is my second favorite place on earth, second only to Lake Gaston.

Claire <3

At a dinner party at Vicki's house, Ralph collected hair samples from guests, in the interest of Science.

My dad has turned his entire backyard into a farm.

Spent Memorial Day weekend at Atlantic Beach.

Here I am in my office. A real live working professional.

Janie came to town for Dylan's graduation!

wahoo!! The baby is done with high school!

the fam 
The Carrboro Farmers Market is my third-favorite place on earth.

friends at the market

a salad consisting 100% of locally produced ingredients

I made this beautiful bruchetta for my housewarming... which two of my oldest friends came!

and three siblings!

my oldest friend
The next morning, the fam got breakfast in Raleigh as a send-off for our Janiebug.

Stay tuned for photos from the rest of June! 

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