Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer Snapshots

Photo highlights from the past couple of weeks:

flowers on campus this time of year are incredible

instagrammed this from the Morehead account :)

I live here! 

made this Pinterest-worthy Hunan-style orange cauliflower

made this fresh summer pasta salad 
ate this Carolina Crunch ice cream at Maple View

dog, boy, boat

best friends

the Lake Gaston sunset before the fireworks (and I saw a shooting star later!)

I paid $5 to throw 5 axes at this wooden target. None of them lodged in, sadly.

my vegetarian Korean BBQ at the same festival

highlight of the week: buying and potting edible herbs!

my would-be Arboretum lunch today. Shortly after taking this photo, I was chased away by mosquitoes :( It was lovely while it lasted, though.

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