Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Oregon! Part II: The Coast

In Oregon, I had wanted to visit Crater Lake National Park, but the weather conditions on the webcam below convinced me to consider visiting a different area of Oregon.

So we went to the sunny coast instead!

Lane and I visited the world's only know mainland rookery/haul-out point of the Steller sea lion!!!!

me w/ sea lions

me w/ Lane

West Coast

The largest sea grotto in the United States!!! Note sea lions on rock island in middle.

View from the other side of the sea grotto

supposedly the most photographed lighthouse in the country (or world? something like that)

big sea lion fans

Then we saw some tide pools and sea spray! 
Lane on a washed-up tree trunk piece on the beach

ending on the artsy shot
After exploring the coast a bit, we drove to a trailhead in old-growth forest a few miles from the coast. The saga continues!

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