Monday, March 26, 2018

Birthplace of American Democracy!

I spent all of Saturday in Philadelphia! It was a beautifully sunny day, and I thoroughly enjoyed walking and biking around with my high school friend Ashley, who lives there.

We ate shakshuka breakfasts outside! A bit chilly but the building blocked the wind, and the sun felt amazing.

Our Independence Hall tour guide, Joanne, was excellent. Full of great little anecdotes about the Founding Fathers.

Took this selfie in the Museum of the American Revolution, for my brother Dylan, who loves war and guns and history. 
According to the museum curators, we are the Future Faces of the Revolution!

We visited this glorious House of Cheese on South 9th St.

I'm a sucker for this stuff. I spent like $30 here on little preserved fruit jars.

Philly is home to America's oldest continually operating outdoor market!

So beautiful, and so much cheaper than NYC...

Riding bikes toward City Hall

Schuylkill River
Boathouse Row

I picked up a special hummus dinner from a local Michelin-star chef before catching my Megabus home. Getting out of the city was really nice, and so was catching up with an old friend. And it was really fun learning about American history in, as Hamilton says, "the room where it happened."  If I keep living in NYC, I'll have to be intentional about getting out of the city regularly. As soon as I finish typing this, I'm going to start making a list of day hikes accessible by public transit... if those exist around here.

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