Saturday, March 10, 2018


No pretense of objectivity here. I'm about to hard-core promote the restaurant I work at.

chosen for his unlimited enthusiasm and good-natured willingness to let me order - Jasen was my date for my one-time 50% employee discount at Txikito

golden cauliflower florets flash fried, with sautéed mushrooms, soft poached organic egg, and sesame picada

olive oil poached Peconic Bay scallops with ajoblanco, smoked trout roe, toasted pine nuts, and a veil of Iberico pork fatback

txipiron encebollado: squid ribbons with a puree of sweet onion and pine nuts
trucha! whole Navarran brook trout with crispy garlic, filed at the table

natillas with yuzu huckleberry and chocolate crumble, and whipped salted chocolate flan with brandied cream 

old school photographer
The coliflor was my favorite dish, probably because I love cauliflower, mushrooms, and sesame. But everything was excellent. Our bill was outrageous, even with the 50% off. #worthit. This experience makes me all the more enthusiastic to be working there and selling those dishes to my customers.

This meal was well-earned, as I had to brave a nor'easter to get there. We were the only guests in the restaurant, aside from a party that had started a couple hours earlier in the other room.

I also braved the nor'easter to swim at the Y

earlier that day

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