Thursday, March 1, 2018

Home Sweet NC

This past weekend, I met my first #friendbaby.

Theo Oliver Horton

This is the friend to whom the baby belongs.

 I am not accustomed to holding babies:

I was overwhelmed by the miracle of life!!!

we cute

Earlier that morning, I visited one of my favorite places in the world: The Carrboro Farmers Market. Where everything is beautiful.

Then, I ate my favorite cookie and drank my favorite tea at my favorite Chapel Hill cafe, where I saw this lovely couple sipping coffee and reading together. *hearteyes*

Then I drove to Raleigh to see my friend Brian, who made me coffee because he spent the last two years living in Seattle.

That evening, I ran through the most beautiful college campus in existence.

And then I ate with my family at the #1 restaurant in Chapel Hill. 

That night, I stayed with my friend Lane, who has four cats.
me 'n' Nava 
The next day I rode to Tarboro with my sister!

And then I flew back to Brooklyn. (I almost typed 'Nashville' just then.)
The End. <3

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