Monday, March 19, 2018

Friends Are Fun

I hosted a dinner party on Friday night. It was lovely. 
We played Pictionary, which the boys were bad at. This is them after a series of defeats. 
On Saturday, after spending several hours writing, I went to a St. Patrick's Day/birthday party where there were a lot of journalists and some twinkly lights.

On Sunday morning I got coffee with the Wieners! who were in town for a wedding

We were going to eat at the birthplace of the cronut, but there was a line down the block so we went to a tiny and cute cafe nearby instead.

and then I ate brunch with a Duke friend and her roommate and their friend! 
It really does seem miraculous to me when I get invited to things, because I didn't know enough (or the right kind of) people to get invited to much in Nashville. And in Austin I would've been too busy working to do things like this. Having friends is so fun!!!

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