Tuesday, March 27, 2018

End of Honeymoon Phase?

I think my honeymoon phase might be ending. Nothing specific has happened. I think it's that I've started planning trips out of the city. Until very recently, I didn't want to leave at all. But now I'm eager to get out, to take a break. I'm hoping to do a day hike in Jersey this weekend.

I still enjoy the people-watching and the sense of constant activity, but the awe and wonder has started to fade. Does this mean I'm turning into a real New Yorker? I don't want to lose the sense of awe and wonder. I hope I never stop noticing the architectural details in the tall buildings around me, or wondering about the lives of the strangers I see on the subway.

But these days I'm definitely more likely to read on the subway than to simply stare around. I stopped sleeping with the window open, because the creak and hiss of the bus that stops across the street, and the constant police or ambulance sirens, are no longer thrilling sounds as I lie in bed.

I'm settling into a routine. To make sure I don't stop doing new things, yesterday I sat down and put together a NYC bucket list: fun, free things to do around the city. I'll be sure to make time for these things in the next few weeks. Can't leave my faithful readers with nothing new to read about!

The snow last week did fill me with awe and wonder.

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