Thursday, August 30, 2018

August 2018

I'm still processing the difference between experiencing life as integrated vs. compartmentalized. I am supposed to be at work from 9am until 5:30pm. During that time, I am supposed to be solely focused on work. After 5:30pm, I don't need to think about work at all.

My income is fixed regardless of how productive I might be in a given day or week. No one counts my hours, even though I'm expected to put in a consistent number each weekday. Sometimes I get paid just to learn things that might be relevant later.

It's all so strange after three years of independent contact work. I'm still adjusting.

But this afternoon I got to work from home, which was lovely. When I finished for the day, I was already in bed. I don't find that distracting; rather, it's totally motivating. I'm not simply filling hours; I'm actually focused on accomplishing a set task list.

I'm not sure what I think is the ideal work set-up. If I ran a company, would I ask my employees to be present in a centralized office every day, or would I allow them to work remotely? I'm not totally sure. I suppose it depends on the nature of the work and how much I trust my employees.

I, for one, am grateful to have an employer that trusts me to get my work done even in my bed.

Let's see, other life updates... I think it's easiest to recap via photos.

I've been really into flowers lately:

I have also been brainwashed by the Morehead-Cain into a major advocate for UNC:

She is 13

I made this INCREDIBLE blistered green-beans-and-sungold-tomatoes dish:

Spent some time at the lake with the fam:

Hung out with my friend Brooke and her seven-month-old:

Checked out lots of books from UNC Libraries:

Celebrated JANIE's birthday in Raleigh:

with all 10 of us!

Found out that I'm *definitely* ENTJ:

...even though I'm also definitely introverted. At least compared to my wonderful extroverted family.

And I spent last weekend in Beaufort, which was lovely!