Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Move: Carrboro Version

In the first week of June, I (mostly) finished moving out of my Ridgewood apartment in Carrboro, and (mostly) finished moving into my new house in Carrboro. On a stroke of coincidence, my trip to the PNW had been out of the Charlotte airport, and my flights had been on dates that bookended my cousin Harrison's graduation from high school in Charlotte. So I drove Mimi to Charlotte the night before my flight to Oregon—and after I got back, I drove her from Charlotte back to Chapel Hill (and, later that day, to Tarboro). We stopped in Chapel Hill so that I could direct the movers. Mimi helped by showing them photos of the hail that had hit Tarboro earlier that week:

She also showed him photos of my trip.

As you can see, the younger mover was not as interested in Mimi's photos. 

As the week went on, Rafi helped me set up my new room:

Evolution of the decor:

Room decor continues to improve, including via a new rug (turquoise and burnt orange) and better organization of desk stuff.

Next post: some of the actually fun things I've done this summer!