I spent the summer of 2014 in New York City: living in West Harlem, running in Central Park, trying out as many cafes and restaurants as I could affordably fit into 10 weeks, and — best of all — interning for two incredible nonprofits that do work that I deeply admire.

Three days per week, I worked for City Harvest, an organization that rescues surplus food from grocery stores, restaurants and special events for distribution to communities in need all around the city. City Harvest also does a lot of community outreach, especially in nutrition education — and that's where I fit in. Every week I organized and led public nutrition education tours in grocery stores in various low-income neighborhoods.

My other internship was with Slow Food USA, helping produce the fall issue of their biannual magazine. I enjoyed the wide range of responsibilities I had for that project, including brainstorming, soliciting, organizing and copy-editing content, as well as shooting photos for publication.

I threw all my spare time into researching, planning and doing everything fun I could come up with to explore and enjoy New York City. Museums, markets, festivals, bars, outdoor movie screenings, concerts, stand-up storytelling... Ten weeks was just long enough to show me how much more The City has to offer, and to convince me that I absolutely will return.

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