Thursday, April 11, 2019

Scenes from March, Part II

Patrick came home from Antarctica!

I took him straight to an engagement party, where he fought off jet lag and travel exhaustion beautifully.

I have very much enjoyed the flowers at the farmers market lately

I have also enjoyed running!

And my cat! 
best companion, as long as I don't try to force her to do anything

This month I also enjoyed the Robertson Finals Weekend Banquet with two of my favorite people, who both work for the Robertson Program (Laini on left, Vicki on right)

I also spent time this month pondering my personality type! This made me laugh because it felt so obvious. What other ways are there to run a meeting??

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Today, I am 26 years and 1 week old!

I've had a wonderful first week of being 26. The night of my birthday, I gathered some friends and family at Guglhupf in Durham. I decided in advance that I'd spend all my birthday money at the meal, and I decided later that was a very good decision. I ordered a lot and had a blast.

The next night, Patrick took me out in Raleigh. The surprise destination was Bida Manda, a Laotian restaurant downtown that is really excellent.

This past weekend, I had friends up to Lake Gaston for the third installment of my birthday celebrations. The weather wasn't ideal, but the company was, so it ended up being a great weekend.

Dad set us this beautiful continental breakfast!

LKG 2k19 crew

I baked myself this double chocolate cake, which we ate only 1/4 of at the lake, so I became very popular at my office by sharing it with coworkers on Monday.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Scenes from March, Part I

I ran my fourth half marathon, and beat my PR by 3 minutes!

I was most proud of my negative splits, which I focused on throughout my 12 weeks of training.

I enjoyed some quiet time at Lake Gaston

An incredible sunset

My cat reminds me of myself

Artsy Chapel Hill pic with my friend Mo, who visited from NYC

amazing Weaver Street salad bowl

One of the highlights of my month was attending this "racial healing" panel at Duke, where I learned about the Ashoka Fellowship for social impact and got to meet Lennon Flowers, cofounder of The Dinner Party!