Monday, August 31, 2020

Red Rock Canyon, NV

I know this is an excessive number of photos for one blog post, but it was just so gorgeous...

A pink polka dotted rock!!!!

I loved it

A pink cactus!

The temperature changes throughout the park were drastic. Notice my outfit here compared to the polka-dotted rock photo, where I'd taken off my shirt in the heat.


I *think* these are genuine? honestly no idea, could just be modern grafitti

a prehistoric pi symbol??

snowy cactus :D 

more petroglyphs!

gorgeous sunset

The park closes at dusk, and I stayed as long as possible, amazed by all the rock formations and petroglyphs and snow!!!

In the end, I was super grateful that my bag got lost and delayed me by a day, because a day at Red Rock Canyon was 100% worth it.