2018 and beyond

In December 2017, I packed all my belongings into my first-ever rental car and drove to Crown Heights, Brooklyn. I got a job waiting tables at a Basque restaurant in Chelsea and continued my freelance work that I'd established in Nashville.

In April of 2018, a scholarship program at my alma mater (UNC-Chapel Hill) recruited me to return back to North Carolina to work as a content specialist for their digital and print materials. In May of 2019, I left that job (Morehead-Cain Foundation) to work as the communication specialist for the Carolina Center for Public Service, also at UNC-Chapel Hill.

I blog much less frequently now than I did in college and shortly after, but I aim to share updates about once per month. Thanks, as always, to my devoted audience of grandparents who care deeply about the minutiae of my daily life.

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