Monday, May 13, 2019

Scenes from April 2019

Rafi and I have been enjoying weekly fresh flowers from the Carrboro Farmers Market 

In other news, Rafi discovered that "under the covers" is a place that she can go, and she has had a blast exploring this new frontier. 

We also discovered that she is Toothless the dragon.

I spent most of Easter weekend in Beaufort

The beach was windy and not at all hot, despite it being late April! (note the dog in the backpack on the far left)

Sunday, May 12, 2019

~Between Jobs~

I feel rich with time.

I have two weeks left in my current job, and then I have three weeks until I start my next job. ENCIP needs only a few finishing touches to be ready for the summer, and then the program will rest primarily in the capable hands of my board members.

I relish this feeling. I can lie on the floor and do nothing for awhile while I cool down from my run. I can crawl into bed at 9:30 p.m. and while away a blissful mindless hour on my phone. I can deep-clean my apartment, deep-clean my car, get not only caught up but ahead on email.

When my current job ends in two weeks, I'll spend a week hiking in the Pacific Northwest. Then, I'll spend a few days relaxing in Chapel Hill with my friend Bren, who is visiting from New York. Then, I'm going to hike the Art Loeb Trail (~30 miles) before the wedding of my old babysitter, Eleanor, in Tarboro.

The following week, I hope to spend time with my sister Janie, who'll be in town before leaving for a year in Kenya. We will enjoy Tarboro, visit our grandparents, and probably spend a day or two at the beach and/or lake.

hand-delivered my signed offer letter to the Carolina Center for Public Service—my new employer!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

ATX, April 2019

 In April, I spent a weekend in Austin visiting some of my favorite women: Alban and Janie, who live there—and Léa who was visiting from Switzerland! It was a lovely and refreshing weekend of eating, walking, and talking.

At Piknik for an amazing brunch

paused for a drink and a rest at the Tom's store on South Congress
Austin is such a beautiful city!

enjoying the colorful paper-umbrella ceiling at one of the few Thai restaurants in Austin