Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Stehekin: Where No Roads Can Take You

 This is a bizarre town with 75 permanent residents, plus a couple hundred seasonal workers. It's accessible only by ferry, seaplane, or foot, which results in a funny mix of grungy backpackers mingling with ritzy seaplane folks. I was fascinated by it and glad that I spent a couple days there. 

This sign was the first thing I saw, at the trailhead when I made it to the town's one road (which doesn't connect to anything). I found it very endearing. 

When you hike in, you get to the famous Stehekin Bakery before you hit the actual town. That was actually my main draw, so I was very happy to start there.

The first thing I did upon arrival was to order this delicious blueberry pie with huckleberry ice cream. 

cute gumball machine on the walk from the bakery to the "downtown" area

Lake Chelan, from the northern end

It was very, very hot while I was there. Probably the only thing that has ever given me trouble sleeping!

I camped near the center of town and then walked back to the bakery early the next morning.

I ordered one of those cinnamon buns and ate half before starting my hike back up into the mountains. I did feel a little sick at first, and also regretted carrying the other half... until I made it to my next campsite that afternoon. It was the perfect reward for finishing the climb.

I almost flushed my hopes and dreams, but this sign stopped me.

I would've taken more photos, but my camera was on low battery, so I was conserving it as much as I could. 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Mountain, forest, water

North Cascades! These are all from the hike from Rainy Pass to Stehekin. I went clockwise to make a five-day loop.

spot the bird :)

attempted self-portrait

First view of Lake Chelan!

Next up: Stehekin.