Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sept. 2018

Some quick highlights from the past month— I haven't taken pictures of all the things I've appreciated most, but here are a few:

On every Saturday that I'm in town, I visit and shop at the Carrboro Farmers Market. I love it there. 
Hurricane Florence happened, and Crouching Spider was ready.

I hosted a climate change refugee from Beaufort! This is him reading a 600-word sci-fi novel at Bread & Butter (his first time there!?!) 
Thali dinner at Cholanad!

This is a recent delicious breakfast a la Carrboro Farmers Market.

One of my favorite events lately was the Sani fashion show, organized by my entrepreneur friend Niki! A bunch of friends from UNC attended together, and it felt like a mini reunion.

Go Sani!

This is us with Niki (the one in the sari). I am so amazed by what she has accomplished with this venture in less than a year!
The day after the fashion show, I got brunch at Mama Dips with my doctor-in-training friend and former long-time roommate, Yasamin <3

Another thing I've been doing lately is running... I'm training for a half marathon in Raleigh on Nov. 4! Every other Wednesday, I run pre-dawn intervals at this middle school track near my apartment.

September was a good month for me—I feel grateful that no one in my circles was hurt by the hurricane, though I know there are a lot of people in NC who are still struggling to recover.

6 Hours in NYC

I feel like a businesswoman! Too bad I don't qualify for business class seating on the airplane...

On Monday of last week, I had the opportunity to travel to NYC for a day to eat lunch with the man who paid for my college experience: Julian Robertson. I spent 11 hours traveling and 6 hours in the city. #worthit.

Happy b/c in NYC

view from Mr. Robertson's office on the 48th floor at 101 Park Ave

Then I got to see Bren <3

Then I got to see Ajeet <3

This is from when I first arrived— sorry for the Insta screenshot; I couldn't figure out how to download the original photo after the fact.
I also got to see my friend Daniel, who lives just a few blocks from where I used to live. It was nice being back in my old neighborhood. Made me nostalgic and want to go back.

I'm so grateful that I got to go, and that I got to see so many friends during the workday! I had to use a vacation day for the trip, but I didn't have to pay for the flights and I got to eat lunch with a very generous billionaire, so it felt worthwhile. Sometimes my life feels bizarre even to me.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

MM Drops Out Of College

Baby sis is taking the semester off school for a fall internship in DC. So I drove up with her to help her settle in.
First I went to her going-away party.

Then we went to the Newseum! This series of pictures is funny. 

Our options were too dark or too bright :/ PSA we are not smiling because we are happy about who is in the White House! We smile because we are happy the Newseum exists and that the First Amendment exists. And that our governmental system has checks and balances (supposedly).

Piece of the Berlin Wall, west side.

Then I ran seven miles along the Potomac! The cooler weather was delightful.

The next morning, we ate breakfast at a cute cafe near the bus station. Then I had to catch a bus back to Chapel Hill.

A quick trip, less than 24 hours! But it was fun seeing where she lives now, meeting some of her roommates, and getting to see a bit of the city. I'm looking forward to our ~triple threat sister weekend~ in mid-October!

Chicago wedding!

Love me a good wedding. I'm still young enough that they're exciting and not a chore :)

On Labor Day Weekend, an old family friend got married in Chicago. All of us went except Dylan and Davis, and it was a blast—even though we missed the Brown Bros!

First, there was a rehearsal brunch.
I rented this dress from Rent the Runway - my first time and really glad I did! 

sister cuddles :) 

Chicago Riverwalk

Jazz Festival in Millennial Park!
Fam with the Bean :)

View from my morning run!

View at brunch!

Happy Vacation Dad

Love a good shakshuka

Also rented this dress! Very happy with it!
Kidz Korner at the wedding ceremony

After the ceremony

All the Lelands, missing D&D!

dinner at the wedding reception—soooo yummy

Danced all night long! jk just til 1am or so but it was a late night for me :)

View on our bike ride Monday morning.

and then we all got stranded in Chicago O'Hare!

Spent most of the night at the airport :)
I got home around 4am on Tuesday morning and then got to work by 9am. Not my most productive workday, but overall the weekend was fabulous! Congratulations, Andrew and Maryam!