Monday, March 11, 2019

Holiday Szn

Santa came

I worked on Christmas Eve, and all the weekdays immediately following Christmas Day. And all the weekdays immediately following New Year's Day.  That's what I get for planning a trip before I knew my next job would offer only 10 vacation days in a year :/ 
me @ work

I also started a new track workout routine

...that involved several sunrises

another sunrise

Patrick and I got dinner with Zach and his gf Jenna! Four of us ate ALL this food.

wonderful people

another great meal with friends! 
<3 Claire

Alban came to visit!

and MM fit all her belongings into my car (good thing I now drive a SUV...)

I threw a onesie-themed holiday party! 

not everyone was feeling the holiday cheer.

<3 sibs

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