Sunday, February 11, 2018

In Which I Make Conversation, Podcasts, Galentines, and Pancakes

Time for my self-indulgent weekly recap :D

Last Sunday was a good day because I woke up early to go running, and then met a friend of a friend at a gorgeous cafe in Clinton Hill. The cafe was full of natural wood paneling, live plants, and used books. I ate a beautiful and expensive piece of avocado toast.

I liked the friend of the friend. We both work in the world of content production, though she's more in social media marketing and I'm more in journalistic work. We had a good conversation about finding balance between content quality vs. mass appeal. She also hosts a monthly Girl Gang Hang that I'm super excited to be included in.

I walked home, caught up on email for a bit, and then headed into the city for a work bowling party. There were more people there than I'd expected, and I felt a little overwhelmed by the level of extraversion the situation required, and I tragically left behind my travel mug WITH my reusable tea filter in it, but overall it was pretty fun. I bowled three spares and even more gutter balls, but was somehow the best on my team.

I left the bowling party early to meet up with Kween Kuang, my lovely Boston-based friend Joanna who'd come down to visit her family in Jersey. We sat in a Starbucks and talked about friendship.

Every day this past week I worked on my Health:Futher and TN Hall of Fame projects from 9 to 3. On days I didn't go to the restaurant, I ran in the afternoons. I spent Monday evening at the laundromat. On Tuesday I went on my first date since moving to NYC! I'm saving that story for my memoir.

went to a bar with FREE POPCORN. Why do all bars not have free popcorn.

I worked at Txikito Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday before work I got to see my friend Jim, who is one of the few people I keep in touch with from Nashville. We sat at a cafe across the street from Txikito and talked about his work, his upcoming vacation to Seattle, Victor Hugo, and my forthcoming article critiquing Bumble bios.

if only Lisa were here, too!

This is a grilled avocado. I tried peeling it with my hands and made a huge mess, but after pondering it for several days I still don't know how I could have eaten it more efficiently.

On Friday after my HF and HOF work, I worked on some ENCIP stuff, went for a run, and then went on ANOTHER date. Look at me go! It was a fun conversation, though he completely forgot to ask me about myself, which I thought was funny. We spent an hour talking about Donald Trump and then an hour talking about him (the date). Another story for my memoir.

Yesterday I slept in, then spent a sweaty and unhappy half-hour at the post office fetching a package that had failed to deliver itself to my apartment.

hell is a Brooklyn post office on a winter Saturday afternoon
because even small packages hate NYC apartment buildings.
I spent the afternoon with my friend Bren. We ate a moderately-priced, moderately-portioned brunch at a Williamsburg restaurant, then went to two different bodegas looking for our preferred brand of popcorn to fill our stomachs the rest of the way. What happened that afternoon is another story for my memoir. (I'm loving making these mysterious allusions in my blog, gotta remember to do this more. It makes me feel elusive and intriguing, heh.)

Last night was a beautiful few hours making galentines with Mo, her roommate Stephanie, and her friend Vera. There were also cookies and wine involved. We talked about work challenges and heteronormativity and what queer experiences have to add to the #MeToo movement.

Valentine Factory

Other exciting thing that happened this week: HF published a bonus podcast episode where my boss and I discuss our forthcoming new podcast series on how depression is understood, experienced, and treated throughout our health system and society. Episode 1 airs March 1!

Check out my interview on the Future of Health podcast! 

And my current Sunday morning status: from-scratch banana walnut chocolate chip pancakes (with real maple syrup, obvi).