Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Sister Weekend in DC!

I have a very old memory of Janie and MM talking about how fun it would be to do a sister weekend in DC when MM was 16, Janie 18, and me 21. Or maybe it was NYC. But finally, it happened :D

Ok, to start from the beginning:

Rose petals in my cocktail! I don't normally fall for gimmicky things like this but...

united at last!

don't remember what this was

cucumber, creme fresh, anchovy, garlic, some other stuff I don't remember

pasta... with corn? definitely cheese. All of it was good.
This is where we ate dinner that first night, a place called Rose's Luxury.

My breakfast on Saturday morning! YUM

MM's breakfast, which she sent back because the shrimp have heads and also it was spicy :/

My sisters are v good at finding photo opps.

Our brother WGL!

I loooove trees like this, growing out of walls.


We spent all day birding around, thanks to Janie's determination. It's way fun.

Found our friend Jon! 
Then we had a picnic on the Mall. Janie and MM called it a charcuterie board.

The next morning, I got lost on what was supposed to be an 11-mile run but ended up just 5 because of all the time it took to get un-lost. I ended up on an overgrown, muddy trail that dumped me onto the highway... so then I walked along the highway until I could get on a sidewalk again to run. :(

Hard to run down stairs like these...

Hard to run under trees like these...

Hard to run through bushes like these...

Then we went to the National Portrait Museum! Check out this shadow art! 

I got these crescent-moon earrings as a souvenir at a street fair. I love them! (my sisters and the earrings hehe)

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