Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sept. 2018

Some quick highlights from the past month— I haven't taken pictures of all the things I've appreciated most, but here are a few:

On every Saturday that I'm in town, I visit and shop at the Carrboro Farmers Market. I love it there. 
Hurricane Florence happened, and Crouching Spider was ready.

I hosted a climate change refugee from Beaufort! This is him reading a 600-word sci-fi novel at Bread & Butter (his first time there!?!) 
Thali dinner at Cholanad!

This is a recent delicious breakfast a la Carrboro Farmers Market.

One of my favorite events lately was the Sani fashion show, organized by my entrepreneur friend Niki! A bunch of friends from UNC attended together, and it felt like a mini reunion.

Go Sani!

This is us with Niki (the one in the sari). I am so amazed by what she has accomplished with this venture in less than a year!
The day after the fashion show, I got brunch at Mama Dips with my doctor-in-training friend and former long-time roommate, Yasamin <3

Another thing I've been doing lately is running... I'm training for a half marathon in Raleigh on Nov. 4! Every other Wednesday, I run pre-dawn intervals at this middle school track near my apartment.

September was a good month for me—I feel grateful that no one in my circles was hurt by the hurricane, though I know there are a lot of people in NC who are still struggling to recover.

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