Sunday, September 30, 2018

6 Hours in NYC

I feel like a businesswoman! Too bad I don't qualify for business class seating on the airplane...

On Monday of last week, I had the opportunity to travel to NYC for a day to eat lunch with the man who paid for my college experience: Julian Robertson. I spent 11 hours traveling and 6 hours in the city. #worthit.

Happy b/c in NYC

view from Mr. Robertson's office on the 48th floor at 101 Park Ave

Then I got to see Bren <3

Then I got to see Ajeet <3

This is from when I first arrived— sorry for the Insta screenshot; I couldn't figure out how to download the original photo after the fact.
I also got to see my friend Daniel, who lives just a few blocks from where I used to live. It was nice being back in my old neighborhood. Made me nostalgic and want to go back.

I'm so grateful that I got to go, and that I got to see so many friends during the workday! I had to use a vacation day for the trip, but I didn't have to pay for the flights and I got to eat lunch with a very generous billionaire, so it felt worthwhile. Sometimes my life feels bizarre even to me.

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