Saturday, September 29, 2018

Chicago wedding!

Love me a good wedding. I'm still young enough that they're exciting and not a chore :)

On Labor Day Weekend, an old family friend got married in Chicago. All of us went except Dylan and Davis, and it was a blast—even though we missed the Brown Bros!

First, there was a rehearsal brunch.
I rented this dress from Rent the Runway - my first time and really glad I did! 

sister cuddles :) 

Chicago Riverwalk

Jazz Festival in Millennial Park!
Fam with the Bean :)

View from my morning run!

View at brunch!

Happy Vacation Dad

Love a good shakshuka

Also rented this dress! Very happy with it!
Kidz Korner at the wedding ceremony

After the ceremony

All the Lelands, missing D&D!

dinner at the wedding reception—soooo yummy

Danced all night long! jk just til 1am or so but it was a late night for me :)

View on our bike ride Monday morning.

and then we all got stranded in Chicago O'Hare!

Spent most of the night at the airport :)
I got home around 4am on Tuesday morning and then got to work by 9am. Not my most productive workday, but overall the weekend was fabulous! Congratulations, Andrew and Maryam!

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