Saturday, September 29, 2018

MM Drops Out Of College

Baby sis is taking the semester off school for a fall internship in DC. So I drove up with her to help her settle in.
First I went to her going-away party.

Then we went to the Newseum! This series of pictures is funny. 

Our options were too dark or too bright :/ PSA we are not smiling because we are happy about who is in the White House! We smile because we are happy the Newseum exists and that the First Amendment exists. And that our governmental system has checks and balances (supposedly).

Piece of the Berlin Wall, west side.

Then I ran seven miles along the Potomac! The cooler weather was delightful.

The next morning, we ate breakfast at a cute cafe near the bus station. Then I had to catch a bus back to Chapel Hill.

A quick trip, less than 24 hours! But it was fun seeing where she lives now, meeting some of her roommates, and getting to see a bit of the city. I'm looking forward to our ~triple threat sister weekend~ in mid-October!

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